Internet security for small business: Protect your business from a cyber attack - Hobart

Mon. 7 August 2017

6:00pm - 8:00pm

Enterprize Hobart

91-93 Macquarie St

Hobart, Tasmania, 7000

Internet security - What is the risk to your business?

Attend this free session to learn how to protect your business from a cyber-attack.

Here is why you need to be concerned about cyber-attacks if you aren't already:

  • Ransomware attacks increased by 167 times in 2016 – that’s an increase from 3.8 million in 2015 to 638 million in 2016

  • The amount of money is significant for the victims and the hackers - 70% of business victims of ransomware paid to resolve the hack with more than half paying over $10,000 USD and 20% over $40,000 and cyber criminals are thought to have made over $1 billion from ransomware last year.

  • The average ransom amount is increasing – up from $295 in 2015 to $679 in 2016

  • Small businesses (particularly in the services sector which accounts for over a third of attacks), are the best targets because they are not as prepared and don’t realise the value of their own data.

  • The big one - the U.S. National Cyber Security Alliance reports that up to 60% of hacked small and medium-size businesses go out of business six months after a cyber-attack.

Our facilitator is an experienced digital coach - Ben Jones from Eaglecrest Technologies

The seminar commences at 6:00pm sharp to ensure everything is covered in two hours.  Click the link below to register

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