Digital Auditing Efficiencies (While we're in EoFY mode.)

Time to work on some EoFY digital efficiencies.

Doctor Digital Says


Mostly on the blog, I'm answering questions from Tasmanian businesses about all things digital. But every so often, it's time for a prescription from Doctor Digital and this is one of those times.

After the outpouring of EoFY excitement in the last blog, it got me thinking that EoFY isn't just time for preparing for finance and tax audits. It's also a great time to do a digital audit of your business, and to challenge any assumptions and complacency about how you are using your digital tools, and what needs a toot or a boot.

Let's start with your website. Head over to the Digital Ready Check-Up tool and give your website a health check. What's working? What is speedy and what is slllooowwwwwww. Are you optimised for accessibility? SEO binging? Are your socials showing up? The tool is a quick and free resource for you to make sure that your primary asset in terms of how people engage with your brand and transact is in the best health of its life.

Google is next on the checklist. Google is still the best ally you have for making sure you rank and people can find you. Google does this by constantly indexing your website to check it is meeting all the requirements, pages are active, links working etc. Doing the previous checklist item will get you a long way to Google's good books, but there are a couple of other hacks to get you seen and visited. Having a fully completed Google My Business listing is one of them, and also helps your customers and future customers know more about you. We have an excellent video resource all ready to help you right here. And don't forget Google has powerful analytics for you to enjoy too, helping you to measure your efforts explicitly. Want to know more? Yes you do!

Optimising Email lists are a constant topic around the Digital Ready water cooler. Have you been developing yours so you have a rock-solid piece of transferable IP AND access to your customers on your terms? If yes, go you, time to have a look at your lists and see if it need a clean-up and your strategy for utilising and growing your email numbers. If not, time to start gathering your peeps, and thinking of creative ways to engage. Learn more about the power of email in this factsheet.

Lastly, how about your social media channels? Each of them has a powerful analytics tool to help you understand your demographics and what they respond to when you post. Make each post count by using analytics and tracking your posting over weeks to be able to see what patterns emerge. If you haven't really thought about your customers lately, now is a great time to reconsider if, say, they are still using Facebook, or maybe have migrated to Instagram, Pinterest or even Tik Tok. Perhaps your offerings have changed and your whole social strategy could do with a refresh, what an epic way to kick off the new financial year feeling fresh and vibrant out there in the social media landscape.

Check, check, check.

And there you have it, a quick audit of the key digital tools to make sure your precious time is being well spent and has the opportunity for conversations and conversions with your customers. If you want help with any of the above, our Coaches are on standby and can't wait to help you, so if you haven't used your 4 hours this calendar year, now is a great time to check in.


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