Introducing the Digital Ready Digital Check Up Tool

Hey Doctor Digital, what's this I hear about a fancy new Digital Ready tool designed to help me with my website?

Doctor Digital Says

The Digital Ready program works with hundreds of Tasmanian businesses every year to make sure they are getting maximum value from their suite of digital tools - and are on top of all of the changes and innovation. One of the issues we see frequently relates to the jewel in the digital crown - your website.

Websites continue to be a must have for business and are a place where your brand promise is on display for customers and potential customers, along with all the information they need to find you, to get to know you, and to transact with you. Websites of today bear very little resemblance to what was best practice even as little as five years ago. With ever increasing speeds and functionality, and the uptake of mobile technology meaning that a significant amount of engagement is on a mobile device, your website needs to be performing to the demands of your customers.

To help you know exactly how well your website is performing, the Digital Ready Program has developed a (not so) secret weapon called the Digital Ready Check Up Tool, designed to give you clear guidance on what areas of your website are going well and what bits need some tweaking. It’s simple and intuitive so you don’t get lost in a maze of tech speak, and know exactly how to fix any issues. Let’s get started.

Once you have entered your web address or URL, the Digital Ready Tool will work its magic and produce a report covering five critical performance areas: SEO, Accessibility, Performance, Mobile Responsiveness and Social Profiles. While this is being assessed, you will be asked some demographic questions by my good self, Doctor Digital, about your business to help personalise your report even more. When the processes analysing your website are finished, you will see your report broken down into sections and actions, with additional information for you to go deeper if you choose.

And that’s it - everything you need to make sure your customers are getting the best of your brand at your fingertips. Try the Digital Ready Tool on your website now at

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