Social Media Update - Pinterest 2020

Dear Doctor Digital, is Pinterest meant to be used for business or just for scrapbooking recipes?

Doctor Digital Says

I’ve pin to paradise, but I’ve never pin to me. Don’t let that be the song for your business in 2020, as Pinterest has some neat features that will boost your sales and build your fam. If you need convincing, 100 million businesses use Pinterest, so that social proof should have you feeling warm and pinny.

In case you have never heard of Pinterest and stumbled across this blog like a quirk of fate, Pinterest is a social media channel that allows users to display, share, and collect visual elements (mainly photos, as well as some videos), saving them to virtual pinboards. You can pin everything from recipes, fitness tips, and fashion to inspirational quotes, interior design, and travel photos.

Upon logging in, a user sees a feed that is comprised of content that users they follow are pinning, or saving, on their respective boards. The feed might also contain sponsored posts from companies that have deemed the user to be a good demographic fit for the content being promoted. That’s where we flip from consumer to business.

Pinterest is a visual medium, and lends itself to businesses that are visual – architects, designers, stylists, foodies, educators, wellness businesses, and those that can communicate their skills, knowledge and value through visual signs such as consultants.

The age range is quite wide, from Milennials who are pinning their aspirations to Gen X and Y who are planning renovations, having babies and looking inwards via yoga memes. From its inception, Pinterest has had a strongly female user group of over 80%. It’s still a place for the ladies, however men are getting on board, with over 50% of new users now identifying as men.

Pinterest users have comparatively high incomes with over 40% having an income over $100k. This is a key fact to note when thinking about the buying power of Pinterest users. They also consume the channel largely on mobile devices, so ensuring the source link to your pins is mobile optimized is pretty critical.

So where do those pins link to? For brands, organizations, or businesses on Pinterest, the source link is one of the most important things to pay attention to. The source link is the URL of the website where the pin originated -- so it’s critical to make sure that the source link goes to the right place. Pinterest is a collaborative platform that seeks consistency in the frequency of use and celebrates new content. Content stays fresh on Pinterest far longer than other social media platforms and because of the search based nature of the platform, is not reliant on being part of a linear feed, but will show up in response to demand and frequency of pinning.

Pinterest is one of the best places for marketing your business because it is actually a search (and sales) engine and not a social media platform. Pinterest works for business as it’s where users do their comparative research before making a purchase direct from the app. For your business account set up pages that showcase your products or services, and have a significant amount of consumer information and education about your sector. Highlight new trends, uses, anything that will engage your followers and strengthen your brand so it is top of mind for them when they are ready to purchase. Beyond the basics of optimizing your profile and board titles, you need to share content that can benefit your target audience and serve as a resource.

Most critical is that Pinterest is a place where people buy. The majority of people who come to Pinterest are ready to buy and will do so through the platform, which is perfect for businesses with online stores. As largely middle class consumers, they have a disposable income and are discerning about their purchases.

Is Pinterest for your business? Any decision about using a social media channel has to be driven by your marketing strategy, and a clear understanding of who you key demographics are. If you are a dynamic visual brand whose main audience are women with a high earning capacity then this may well be a great option for your business to try out in 2020.

For everything you need to know about maximising Pinterest, check out our extended factsheet.

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