Woodbridge Online Access Centre

Use the internet

Go to the Woodbridge Online Access Centre to use a computer and get online. It will cost $5 an hour for non-members, or $2 an hour for members. The Centre has Wi-Fi for you to use with your mobile or laptop for the same cost.

Staff are available to help on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. The computers can be used without help on other days the Centre is open.

Get help to do things online

Staff and volunteers at the Online Access Centre can help you to:

  • Use your device, such as phones and tablets
  • Help with email
  • Search the internet
  • Use social media.

Attend a digital help session

The Online Access Centre can offer digital help sessions on anything you need at $10 per hour. The Centre also offers home visits for $10 an hour for those who cannot get to the centre (conditions apply), or who need help with their computers at home. Visit or phone the Online Access Centre to find out more.