COVID-19 Daily Life: No contact deliveries and curbside pick-ups

COVID-19 (also called the corona virus) is changing the way we all do things for the next few months, with social distancing and non-essential shut-downs our new normal. To help you move with the times, stay connected and keep entertained, the Digital Ready for Daily Life program has put together info, tips, tricks, hacks and how-to’s for all things digital in your daily life.

Social distancing because of the coronavirus has changed the way we shop. In response to having to limit contact with customers, many businesses are now turning to deliveries and curbside pick-ups to help you get groceries, take away food, pharmacy products and non-essential retail items. Many fresh food wholesalers and even farmers' markets are going online with designated pick-up points.

Access for these services can generally be found on a businesses website or their Facebook page and can be accessed through your computer, tablet, i-pad or smart phone in some cases.

You will need to have a credit or debit card to pay for your order, and depending on the business, will be able to either choose a no contact delivery or a curbside pick-up.

'No contact' delivery means that your products will be dropped at your doorstep, and the delivery person may sign off that your received them in front of you. This stops your risk of exposure to COVID-19 through hand-to-hand contact or delivery people needing to come inside if you are in isolation. You just pick up the bags or boxes from your doorstep and you’re good to go.

Curbside pick up means once you have ordered and paid for them online you will be able to go and get your goods, and they will be available at a designated curbside pick up, like picking up take-away food or fresh vegetable boxes. Many large retailers now have drive through setup so you just show your order receipt and grab your goods.

Payments for all these services will be done online and finalised before you pick up - that way your credit or debit card doesn’t need to be touched by anyone but you. Cash is not being used in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus on coins and bank notes.

Tasmanian businesses are working hard to move to having their products and services online for you to be able to order, and many are using their staff to do deliveries to help them stay in work. Buy local where you can to support your community.

If you are in Hobart, here is a list from Hello Hobart for food businesses doing delivery: