Recipes and resources

During lockdown and beyond, there has been a renewed interest in cooking. With more time on our hands, stocked pantries and possibly a yearning for some comfort foods, lots of people are exploring new recipes and techniques using the internet and social media.

There are lots of ways you can access cooking information on the Internet. Using Google you can simply type in a question, like ‘Recipes for social distancing’ and you get a great selection of suggestions like this article or maybe what to do with all those canned beans.

You can also search on ‘how to cook pantry staples’ and you get a whole host of international recipes from SBS designed to help you over the coming months.

If you prefer to watch a video, then you can head to YouTube and use the power of its mighty search engine to bring up hundreds of thousands of cooking videos so you can watch then cook along. When you type in something simple like ‘recipes for social isolation’ and have a smorgasbord of video choices to provide you with ideas.

Without doubt, the Internet is one of the best places to get recipe inspiration and cooking guidance for everyone from celebrities to home chefs. You can learn to boil an egg or to make a croquembouche - all from the comfort of your own kitchen. You can even get a recipe for hand sanitizer.