Businesses will benefit if they are prepared for the behaviour of tourists' consumer style. Set up a booking service online and hire extra staff during big events and festivals.

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Eye Am Hair
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Customers are very interested in meeting the growers and makers of the products we make and sell. They particularly like to see that we are ethically growing our products and caring for our pristine environment.

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David and Lisa,
Campo De Flori
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Food for me is all about connections – both connecting with the land that the food comes from, and connecting with the people that I share cooking and eating experiences with. Social media and email mean I can share food with people from all over the world.

Fiona and Glenn Freshfield Grove tractor resize.png Fiona and Glenn Freshfield Grove tractor resize.png
Fiona and Glen,
Freshfield Grove
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Visitors to our shopping and dining precinct are looking for an authentic local experience. They aren’t here for the High Street shopping malls, where the chain stores are the same as at home.

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Lily & Dot
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Offer a great quality product and experience that visitors are going to find different and appealing. We are a state with great heritage, an appreciation for history, and a love of bespoke craft and design – visitors love the Tasmanian experience.

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Donna, Tammy and Rachel,
The Drill Hall Emporium and Flywheel
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