Swansea Free Wi-Fi

Use the internet for free

If you have a mobile device you can get online for free using the Tasmanian Government Free Wi-Fi network available in Swansea.

The service is available in two locations in Swansea:

  • Swansea Visitor Centre, Franklin St & Noyes St
  • around the payphone at 11A Franklin Street

You can get online by connecting your wi-fi to the "TasGov_Free" network and accepting the terms and conditions.

You can get 30 minutes free wi-fi per location per device per day.

How do I connect?

  1. Enable Wi-Fi on your device by turning it on in your device settings
  2. Look up your available Wi-Fi networks on your device
  3. Select TasGov_Free from the list
  4. Accept the terms & conditions
  5. Enjoy 30 minutes free Wi-Fi per location per device

More frequently asked questions are available here on the Free Wi-Fi website