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Digital Ready for Daily Life – 26TEN Partnership Project

In 2022, The Daily Life Program offered digital literacy assistance in collaboration with the existing 26TEN Communities: Local literacy for work and life program at a number of Community Centres in the Northern Suburbs of Launceston.

Following that successful collaboration, the Program has now established the Digital Ready for Daily Life 26TEN Partnership project in all four communities that currently participate in the 26TEN Communities program (Glenorchy, Clarence Plains, Launceston Northern Suburbs, and the Huon Valley).

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Welcome to Digital Basics

Digital Ready for Daily Life helps you get online safely and confidently so you can enjoy all of the opportunities digital tools and devices have to offer.

Digital Basics

How to choose a mobile phone and plan

Getting a new phone or mobile connection can be confusing, overwhelming and stressful. There can be too many questions asked, too much “tech talk” and too much information.

Download this handout to get help to choose between the many different mobile phones and phone plans that are out there. Keep it handy when you go in-store to buy your new mobile phone and plan.

People holding mobile phones

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