How to choose a mobile phone and plan

This handout aims to help you choose between the many different mobile phones and phone plans that are out there.

Getting a new phone or mobile connection can be confusing, overwhelming and stressful. There can be too many questions asked, too much “tech talk” and too much information.

Go through this handout in advance, and take it with you to the mobile phone shop. That way, you’ll have your wish list and requirements with you. It will make the experience a more positive one.

Learning some of the mobile phone “tech talk” will help you, so we’ve popped a handy glossary at the back. We explain the “tech talk” words in plain English and give you a bit of background information that will help you make decisions.

This handout is split into the three main things you’ll need to consider when deciding – the telco, the phone and the plan.

Download the handout below, print it, then fill it out. Keep it handy when you go in-store to buy your new mobile phone and plan.

Download 'How to choose a mobile phone and plan' handout