The wonderful world of Libraries Tasmania online

If you haven’t been to a library recently, then you have much to rediscover. So much more than just books, libraries are local community hubs where you can connect with others, learn, read, borrow all kinds of things and in some cases even do your washing!

If you are not visiting your local library in person, you should know that Libraries Tasmania provides many online services including access to eBooks and music, magazines, storybook reading for children, movies, research databases and language learning apps. They now have 'click and collect' book services and other new ways of connecting.

If you aren’t already a member of Libraries Tasmania, here’s how to get started:

Register online on your laptop, ipad, tablet or phone using this link. It’s a simple process where you give your name, phone, email and address.

Go to their online services link and from there you have so much to choose from. Not just e-books, but also movies, music, archives for doing family history, academic databases, historic newspapers for some good olden days news and also an e-health service so you can keep on top of all things relating to health and wellness.

There are recipes, garden tips, a massive movie database, instructions on how to strip back your car engine, a vast array of arts and crafts and lots of maps to plan your trips when the quarantine and isolation are over. All of these e-products are available right now through your digital device. Staying at home and social distancing just got a lot more entertaining.