Module One: Marketing funnels explained.


Module 1

Let's get started.

Key Points:

  • The marketing funnel is a great visual for the customer journey.
  • Awareness, interest, [lead generation] consideration, intent, evaluation [lead nurture], purchase [sales], evangelism [lead generation].
  • The buyer is taken through this process, they can skip steps, circle back, it can be nonlinear, they can go straight to purchase, but eventually becomes a virtuous cycle.
  • Each stage has various digital tools that lend themselves to creating movement along the journey and with experience can be highly automated.
  • What does your customer's journey look like? You need to nuance this for your business, work with customers to understand their stages, test all assumptions.
  • Really understanding your funnel will save you time and money as you can put energy into the right actions.


All about marketing funnels.
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