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Digital Fundamentals

The Digital Ready Fundamentals Course is designed to give you and your business all the building blocks you need to get started in the core digital skill areas for your business. Completing these units will give you the knowledge you need to discuss each area with more confidence with your Digital Coaches and service providers and avoid some of the pitfalls when starting out your business’s digital journey.

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4 hours free digital coaching for your business!

Digital coaching sessions have been boosted.

Coaching is now being delivered around the state face to face or over Zoom.

The coaching sessions are one-on-one between business owners and our skilled coaches, run for up to 4 hours and are free of charge.

Click below or call 1800 955 660 to book your free 4 hours of Digital Coaching today!

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Doctor Digital's Small Business Cyber Security Guides

Doctor Digital has been busy creating some new cybersecurity resources. Below are a number of factsheets and videos you may find useful when dealing with cybersecurity issues in your small business.

Doctor Digital's guide to backups

Doctor Digital's guide to automatic updates

Doctor Digital's guide to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Doctor Digital's guide to disabling Microsoft Office macros

Doctor Digital's guide to network and endpoint security

Doctor Digital's guide to malware

This content was made possible by support from Business Tasmania.

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Doctor Digital's Blog

Instagram Updates 2023

Insta has been quietly tweaking its gram with several new updates. Here is the breakdown to help your business get the most out of the platform.

Doctor digital says:

Since July 2023, Instagram has introduced several features aimed at enhancing the user experience and providing businesses with new opportunities to connect with their audiences...

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The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW)

If you’re a tourism operator, you may have heard about the ATDW and how important it is to join it but are not actually sure what it is and what relevance it has to your marketing efforts. Join Taihlaura Denman-Francis from Kingthing Marketing to learn more and get started.

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What is Digital Ready for Business?

Since 2012, the Digital Ready program has helped thousands of local Tasmanian businesses to make use of online tools and resources so they can benefit from the “digital economy”.

If you’re ready to grow your business by taking the next step online or using social media, the Digital Ready for Business program is here to help. The program has been developed to empower Tasmanian small and medium businesses to take charge of their online presence and develop an online strategy that really works.

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