Welcome to Digital Fundamentals.

Group 164

The Digital Ready Fundamentals Course is designed to give you and your business all the building blocks you need to get started in the core digital skill areas for your business. Completing these units will give you the knowledge you need to discuss each area with more confidence with your Digital Coaches and service providers and avoid some of the pitfalls when starting out your business’s digital journey.

The courses are designed to be done sequentially, but who are we to hold you back - so if there is something that takes your fancy dig in, just don't forget to circle back and pick up any earlier parts when you are ready. If you are going with the flow, you’ll start at the beginning and follow the sequence as follows:

  • Your Digital Strategy Fundamentals
  • Digital Brand and Communication Fundamentals
  • Web Design and Build Fundamentals
  • Your Social Media Fundamentals
  • Marketing Funnel Fundamentals
  • Video + Podcast Fundamentals
  • Small and New Business Cybersecurity Fundamentals
  • When Things Go Wrong

Each course has a number of short modules to work through at your own pace, with video, text, and interactive content. We recommend keeping a journal or notes on your device handy so you can capture any thoughts or inspiration as it strikes, and gather together information for any later activities.

At the end of each course when you have worked through all the modules, you will create a plan or checklist for your business using online or downloadable templates that will help you stay on track to implement your results.

Once complete you will get a digital certificate of completion, well done you, and hopefully have a solid understanding of what your next steps are for you in fully participating in the digital economy.

Let's dig in!

Doctor Digital and the Digital Ready Coaching Team.


three-devices.png Unit One: Your Digital Strategy Fundamentals
three-devices.png Unit Two: Digital Brand Communication Fundamentals
three-devices.png Unit Three: Web Design and Build Fundamentals
trolley.png Unit Four: Your Social Media Fundamentals
three-devices.png Unit Five: Marketing Funnel Fundamentals
three-devices.png Unit Six: Video and Podcast Fundamentals
three-devices.png Unit Seven: Small and New Business Cybersecurity Fundamentals
three-devices.png Unit Eight: Making things right when they go wrong