Batch Brew Your Socials with Meta Business Suite

No more third-party scheduling tools with Meta's new back-end batch scheduler.

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While the variety of social media platforms have proliferated and diversified over the years, Meta with its Facebook and Instagram platforms still remains the dominant force for businesses, commanding 3 billion monthly users globally. If these spaces are where your customers are at, leveraging these channels effectively can significantly impact brand visibility, customer engagement, and ultimately, business success.

But keeping those posts rolling takes time and is best done with a batching strategy to help manage multiple channels and offerings. It used to be the case that this had to be done via a third-party tool, however Meta Business Suite now offers native scheduling capabilities and a host of features designed to enhance your social media strategy.

Native scheduling tools like Meta Business Suite offer several advantages for businesses:

Efficiency: With a centralised platform for scheduling and managing posts, businesses can save time and effort by planning content in advance.

Consistency: By scheduling posts ahead of time, businesses can maintain a consistent presence on social media, which is key to building brand awareness and fostering audience engagement.

Flexibility: Native scheduling tools allow businesses to plan content across multiple platforms and customise posting schedules according to their audience's preferences, while still leaving space for spontaneous posts.

Key Features of Meta Business Suite

Meta Business Suite provides a comprehensive set of features tailored for Facebook and Instagram these allow you to not only schedule, but also to analyse performance and test your content for impact. Meta used to be pretty clunky to use, but the kind folks have addressed customer concerns about their user interface and have bolstered usability and relevance for business users to make a much more seamless product suite.

Features include:

Content Scheduling: Plan and schedule posts in advance, allowing businesses to maintain a consistent presence on social media.

Audience Insights: Gain valuable insights into audience demographics, engagement metrics, and post performance to inform content strategy.

Cross-Platform Management: Seamlessly manage Facebook and Instagram accounts from a single dashboard, streamlining social media management.

Post Customisation: Customise posts with images, videos, captions, and hashtags to maximise engagement and resonate with your target audience.

Collaboration Tools: Collaborate with team members by assigning roles and permissions, facilitating seamless workflow management.

How to Use Meta Business Suite Across Facebook and Instagram

Using Meta Business Suite to schedule posts across Facebook and Instagram is simple and pretty intuitive, especially if you are familiar with using business suite. First, connect accounts so you can link your Facebook and Instagram accounts to Meta Business Suite for seamless integration.

Once accounts are connected, create your content, craft some compelling captions, select high-quality images or videos, and add relevant hashtags. This can be done in the suite itself or you can import from Canva or CapCut or whatever you use to make your content. Then it’s time to schedule your posts. Choose the date and time for each post using the scheduling tool within Meta Business Suite. Review scheduled posts to ensure accuracy and coherence with your content strategy then publish posts according to your predetermined schedule. Yaaaaaaaasss! Job done.

Meta Business Suite supports various types of posts, including images, videos, carousels, and stories. With Meta Business Suite you can schedule posts weeks or even months in advance, providing ample flexibility to plan content calendars and coordinate marketing campaigns effectively and still be able to be spontaneous or respond to topical moments. Thinking strategically across an annual, quarterly or events/campaign driven calendar can really assist in giving you a cohesiveness to your posts. It also allows you to develop a connected narrative arc that will help your customers by deepening their relationship.

TLDR? Meta Business Suite offers a robust set of tools and features to help businesses maximise their social media presence across Facebook and Instagram. By leveraging native scheduling capabilities and intuitive management tools, businesses can streamline content creation, engage their audience effectively, and achieve their marketing objectives with greater efficiency and impact.


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