Using infographics in your business

I love those infographics I see all over the net Doctor Digital. Where do they come from, and how can I make one for my business?

Doctor Digital Says

Pictures speak 1000 words, which is why infographics are so universally beloved. For visual people they get rid of all that pesky text, for lovers of cute design they are visually compelling, for text based folk they quickly dispense information, for data heads they distil numbers and for the rest of us they make information simple and logical. They are also ace for Search Engine Optimisation as they are so compelling for people and a perfect point to click through to your website. Thanks to the automation of many design services, they are simple for you to make for your business.

So what is your infographic going to need to cut through and get people clicking with joy once they have easily absorbed your beautifully illustrated information? It needs to be UNIQUE. Try and find ways to express information that have a particular twist or resonance with your customer group. If you are using templates this can be more of a challenge to individualise, so you might want to consider using a low cost service like with loads of templates and images to choose from or you could even use your own designer to knock up some infographics for you.

Infographics need to be SIMPLE. Their point is to allow a quick and logical flow of information which can be absorbed and understood. It’s a balance, but an overly complex or confusing infographic will simply lose people’s interest, and getting the right amount of clever and elegant design, mixed with a straightforward visual narrative is the most effective way to keep you customers coming back for more.

Think about which infographics have really grabbed your attention. I bet your bottom digital dollar they had something gob smackingly clever in their design. Bringing the CREATIVITY is what this is all about, and the infographics that work are ones that have a certain x factor in their presentation and creativity. Yes it is about the content and message, but it is also about the way the whole package comes together.

The text part of your infographic should be MINIMAL. Save the longer form words for when you get new customers to your website and you really want to capture their hearts. Make every word on the infographic do its own heavy lifting and be completely powerful and unambiguous. Use short, sharp, factual data and graphics that deliver a sucker punch to KO your potential customers.

The most important thing, alongside all of those other critically important points, is that your infographic is SHAREABLE. The second action (after clicking through to your website) or perhaps even the first should be for your audience to click the share button and spread the love and the info far and wide on every platform. So make sure you infographic posts are on all the platforms you are active on, and have embedded social sharing widgets, along with the HTML code to be extra sure that everyone gets the memo about your epically great infographic.



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