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Doctor Digital, I’ve been told my website UX isn't great and my UI is kaflooey, a little help please?

Doctor Digital Says

Even though you may know there is a lack in your performance, you may still be confused as to what UI/UX are and how they affect the conversion rate of your website. Both of these elements together enhance its design, and though they are used interchangeably or are often misused terms, there’s a major difference between the two.

User Interface (UI) design refers to graphic design and User Experience (UX) is related to the technical and analytic field. For UX, this translates to how your customers experience your website, its ease and functionality - but both of them are involved in crafting beautiful and functional websites. Which is of course what we all aspire to for our customers to get that ch-ching rolling in.

So what can you do to get your website from ow to wow? User testing is an essential element of enhancing UI/UX design and site interface, making testing ideas and workflows super simple. Don’t just take your word for it, make sure that you share your prototypes during the design phase with trusted and truthful friends and most importantly customers. This will allow you to test your interface, expand your understanding of directed flows, and learn more about what does and doesn’t work on your site.

In a world where we are mobile device driven, all web design has to be mobile, so don’t just test on one framework. The UX design utilized for one platform may be applicable to another platform, however, the functionality may not translate. What is easily accessible and easily viewed on desktop may not be on mobile devices.

Your site has to be capable of retaining users through design that is not only compelling, but also is built for ease of eye. For that, you need to focus on its performance and outlook. You can grab user’s attention by managing contrast between visual elements. You need to use the right set of colors effectively when designing the site, and leaving white space eases its navigability. Similarly, you can use animations and lines in your site together with white space to enhance visual experience and design.

Space between elements such as navigation bars, buttons, headlines, etc., enhances the interface element and indicates relationships between elements or groups of elements. Images need to be sized to flow elegantly with mobile and desktop versions. Get as high quality images as you can afford, and ensure that they are on brand and visually tell your story. 

Good UX and UI are more than just form and function. They have an emotional relationship to your customer experience, and when done well create the kind of experiences that keep people coming back for more and sharing with others.

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