Facebook Starter Series: Get started with Facebook Ads

Set up a Facebook page


First, if you don’t already have a Facebook page for your business, you will need to set one up. Visit this link to get started.

Set up Facebook Ads account

Fill out your account setting which will ask for currency, time zone, business name etc. You can access this information at any time if you ever need to make a change.

  • Add your billing information and payment method, which include Credit/Debit Card or PayPal, and you can set a billing threshold.
  • Manage your Ads notifications to select which updates you want to receive about your ad performance.

Select your Facebook campaign objectives

The types of ads are selected based on the objective you want to achieve, each ad will look a little different with tailored display options. You can choose from:

  • Clicks to your website
  • Website conversions
  • Page post engagement
  • Page likes
  • App installs
  • App engagement
  • Local awareness
  • Event responses
  • Offer claims
  • Video views
  • Lead generation

Select your target audience


Audience targeting is done on the individual advertisement level, which can be found under the ad sets, which are under campaigns. Some of the ways to segment your audience include:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Interests
  • Gender
  • Education level
  • Relationship status
  • Whether or not they are connected to your page

Choose your budget

The ad budget you set is the maximum amount you want to spend. You can select between a daily budget or a lifetime budget for your ad. Here you also need to select whether you want to optimise your ads for clicks or impressions. Optimising your ads for clicks means your ads will be shown to people most likely to click on your ad and you will pay for each click; whereas optimising your ads for impressions means you will pay each time your ad is viewed.

Select your ad schedule

If you choose the lifetime budget route, you choose specific hours and days of the week when you want your ad to run. Choosing to run your ad on a schedule is the most efficient way to spend your ad budget wisely; this means that you are only serving your ad when your target audience is most likely to be on Facebook.

Build your ad

Based on the objective you selected when setting up your campaign, you will have various ad formats available to you. For example, if you selected ‘clicks to website’, you can select from either a Facebook Link, Facebook Carousel, or Facebook Canvas ad.

  • Add the image(s) or video you would like to use
  • Craft your written ad copy

Here is an easy-to-follow guide to all of your ad options and tips to getting your Facebook ads looking their best. Facebook has restrictions on the type of images and the amount of text in their ads, which needs to be followed to have your ad approved.

Choose the placement for your ad

There are three main locations you can select for your ad to appear:

  • Desktop newsfeed
  • Mobile newsfeed
  • Right-hand column

Place your order

Facebook will email you once your ad has been reviewed and approved. It is now live!