COVID-19 Social media during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating significant disruption in all areas of business and life. To help you to find some order in the chaos and adjust to new ways of doing and being, Doctor Digital has put together a series of COVID-19 blogs with tips, tricks, hacks and suggestions for how digital and e-commerce tools can support you and your business.

Doctor Digital Says

Now more than ever, your customers need to hear from you. When everything is so far from normal, the need for communication is paramount. It might seem counterintuitive in a time where there is so much information flowing around, and especially if your business is having to close and move online, stand down staff, and other actions that you may not feel are something you want to share. Social media can come into its own during this time, and is the one place where people are still able to connect in a time of physical distancing and isolation, share some of the pain and also give hope and show kindness so we know we are not alone.

Here are five reasons why your social feed is more relevant and important than ever, and some tips and ideas of the type of content you can create.

  1. Communication and community: let your customers and communities know what is going on, and importantly how they can support your business. When COVID-19 is over, you will want to kick your brand up a notch, and the best way to do that is to have regular contact with your people. Brand is a living thing, and is created as much by your community as you, so let them in and give them something to engage with.
  2. Content and context: now is the time to review what your general content is like, and think about how you and your brand can speak to the current conditions we are all facing. Sure, there is some pretty heavy stuff happening in the world, but there are also some incredible moments of hope, courage and connectedness. What does your brand have that can contribute to the conversation? Your brand isn’t just products and services, it is emotions, values and aspirations. Now is the time to speak to those elements. Give value, and give as much as possible. This is a time for generosity and heart, and this is what people are going to remember long after COVID-19 is over. What do you know or do that you can share to help value-add to your community?
  3. Support other businesses: Local is the new global for the next few months, as all of us look to ways that we can support our community of businesses and make sure that the money we do have to spend is going where it is most needed. See what your industry and peers are doing, share their posts, post about them, post about other sectors and what amazing innovation is happening. Find out who is selling online now, doing home delivery or some cool local collaboration - post about that and direct your customers and clients to widen their networks. Share hope, share reality, share how we are all in this together, united by our collective suffering and humanity.
  4. Get Creative: now is a time to stretch out of your usual comfort zones online. If you’ve been dreading doing video, or a podcast, or something that scares the bejeepers out of you, there has never been a better time to be brave and learn. We all start as beginners, and especially if you have some time on your hands, use it to get some new digital communications skills and connect with your audiences in new ways. Instagram and Facebook both have great live video features, and consumers want connection while they are physically isolated. Step in front of the camera and be your authentic self for the world to enjoy. Make mistakes, have a laugh, be human and give your audience permission to do the same.
  5. Consistency: Good social media has always been about consistency, giving your audiences what they need, when they need it, and taking them on the journey with you and your brand. The same applies in times of chaos and uncertainty, so think about what your posting schedule looks like, and how often you can realistically post. Make yourself a schedule and map out the kind of things you want to share and when and then you can hunker down and get into the task of making compelling content that makes your customers feel seen and heard and connected in these crazy times.

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