COVID-19 Agile Business Snapshots: Happy Hour

There is no business as usual anymore, usual as we know it has disappeared. Enter a period where businesses need to be agile, curious, collaborate and sometimes just a little crazy to find new ways of getting their product to market. Where once you might have applied logic and reason to product and service provision, now it’s time to open the gates and really embrace some non-linear thinking.

In this Doctor Digital snapshot series, we are going to look at novel ideas on how to do business differently during COVID-19.

Doctor Digital Says

Happy hour used to be that time where humans crammed into a room together to drink cheap cocktails against the clock. Now it is an innovative way that you can keep your brand communities engaged and connected virtually. If you have a product or service and an existing social media platform presence plus a mailing list, why not create a regular product and service virtual happy hour?

Here is how it works: think of a cool theme – do you have a new range to display, a demo to do, some knowledge to unpack, a frock or shoes to parade - whatever it is that you do, come up with the concept for a Happy Hour. Set a time and a date and how you are going to connect – Facebook livestream, Zoom, IGTV, Skype, whatever you choose create a link and let your community know what is going to go down. Use Canva to whip up a fun and compelling invitation. Invite your tribe to join you with a bevvy of choice – BYO boutique gin and tonic, craft beer, cocktail or kombucha and then create a fun experience centred around your brand for an hour.

The sky is really the limit here – by trying out new ways of connecting, you are also helping to normalise our new reality, and keep your customers engaged and buying. As part of your Happy Hour make sure there is a clear call to action for your product or service – discount or value add (like a 'two for one' deal) for participants who are on the Happy Hour call and purchase something, or a sign up for a later offer, whatever it is, think about what your customers need right now to brighten up a pretty anxious time.

It can be fun, frivolous, informative, heartfelt, but most of all it needs to be memorable so the experience adds to your brand and keeps you top of mind. Make sure your website or however you transact with your customers is set up and ready to sell, customers know where the link to a transaction is, that you have set clear guidance on your delivery terms and your inventory is able to be managed in real time.

Here’s how Adelaide Hills Winery Unico is selling wine while keeping connected and well hydrated with their community. What could your business do?

We are in a brave new period for sales and marketing where digital is our lifeline and connection is the heart of engagement. Have fun and let us know on the Digital Ready Facebook page what XTRA innovation your business is doing during COVID-19 to keep connected.

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