Doctor Digital Recommends - Be noticed with search ads

Want my recommendation? Visit the Digital Garage topic 'Be noticed with search ads' to find out about search engine marketing through pay-per-click advertising!

You may decide that the benefits from paid search engine marketing make it a viable option for your business. You may find it an easier option if you want to target a very specific group of people. Paid search advertising can even be turned on when you want to boost traffic to your website, or it can be turned off when your business is going through a busy period.

But how do you get your ad on top when competing with other businesses? Is it worth going through a Search Engine Marketing auction? What are some key things to consider when wording your paid advertisements?

Luckily for us, Google itself has put out some great pockets of information about all the particulars of doing your business online. Doctor Digital recommends visiting Google’s Digital Garage where you can watch short videos or read the transcript, and answer some helpful questions to test your understanding. Each lesson will take you only about 10 minutes to complete. There’s 26 digital marketing topics altogether, but Google can help you develop a learning plan where you can pick and choose what suits you.

The Digital Garage topic 'Be noticed wit search ads’ includes 4 lessons:

  • Introduction to search engine marketing (SEM)
  • The SEM auction
  • What makes a good keyword
  • What makes your ads stand out

You can start learning about search engine marketing through pay-per-click advertising by visiting Google’s digital garage through the link below

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