Doctor Digital Recommends - Deep dive into social media

Want my recommendation? Visit the Digital Garage topic ‘Deep dive into social media' to learn about mastering social media for your business!

It’s important to focus on the social media sites that make sense for your business. People aren’t on social media to hear your sales pitch, and social media for your business is about listening and having a two-way conversation.

Once you’re deep in the nitty gritty, social media can turn into hard work. But you can stop that. Putting together a plan for your social media will help you keep things easily updated, managed and doesn’t need to take up much of your time at all.

Which social media management tools might help you, and how? How can you use social media to target certain groups that are most likely to be interested in your business? Or to reach more people than you could otherwise?

And as always, how can analytics help you to understand how and where you efforts are paying off?

Luckily for us, Google itself has put out some great pockets of information about all the particulars of doing your business online. Doctor Digital recommends visiting Google’s Digital Garage where you can watch short videos or read the transcript, and answer some helpful questions to test your understanding. Each lesson will take you only about 10 minutes to complete. There’s 26 digital marketing topics altogether, but Google can help you develop a learning plan where you can pick and choose what suits you.

The Digital Garage topic ‘Deep dive into social media’ includes 4 lessons:

  • Your long-term social media plan
  • Advertising on social media
  • Measuring success in social media
  • Avoiding social media pitfalls

You can start learning about mastering social media for your business by visiting Google’s digital garage through the link below

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